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Happy 7th, MS!

"Ode to my MS...7 whole years and many lesions, MRIs, ER visits, and horror stories later. . . such fond memories we have.

Although you are coupled with the new diagnosis' of PMDD, Chiari I Malformation, Hyperacusis, Hyperthyroidism, and whatever else pops up coming in 2021 and future years...... the spotlight today is on YOU, MS.

You came to visit, unannounced, on Friday the 13 of September 2013, and your presence was definitely unwelcome. 

Numb legs that shut down, refusing to take me anywhere. Blurred vision, threatening to change my sight forever. A splitting headache, making it impossible for me to communicate. And so much more that day.....that week, that month, that year, the rest of my life.....

But here’s the thing, MS - my diagnosis has challenged me to do things I may not otherwise have accomplished without that little bit of fire you put under my ass. And that fire just keeps burning - I keep going because I’m stubborn as hell.

Maybe you didn’t realize this. But by now, I’m sure you do.

Believe it or not, I am better because of you. I am a published author of 3 titles, I still work full time, I do a side gig of acrylic painting, I can still play piano and write music, I can build things and learn things....and I’ve even talked some other MS Warriors out of dark places.

But best of all - I raise my three girls with a smile on my face and my head held high because I know that they have seen, since day-one 7 years ago, that I made the choice to be even stronger than I ever was before. I set an example for them - because they are watching.

Always watching.

They learn that they can accomplish and overcome anything, no matter what hurdles are in the road, or whatever hand they’ve been dealt.

I take on any challenge thrown my way. I simply cannot be defeated by you, MS, and I truly believe that. Always will. I’ve learned to appreciate things more because of you, and I actually feel lucky.

The list of things I can do, have done, and WILL do keeps growing.

Just tell me that I “can’t,” and then...I WILL. 

It's not to say I don't have my bad days; I ever have those. Some would never even know, though. I have a list of things that you do to my body and mind that drives me absolutely nuts, but I deal, and I shut my mouth most days. Because I have to. Because I need to. You can’t win.

And no matter how bad it gets, I will always have the ability to be who I want to be and stay strong enough to live a happy, healthy life without you messing it all up. You can try hard, but it just makes me try harder.

You know this by now.

So MS, here's to you and this ongoing battle between the two of us. This strange relationship we have. The only real victory under your belt is that you've managed to make me more stubborn than I ever was before. Kudos to you on that.

Just remember that your big "M" and your big "S" will never stand for "multiple sclerosis" in my dictionary --- it will only ever stand for "Minor Setback.”

Happy 7th MS Anniversary! Here's to many more together, because. . . well, since I can’t shake you, I may as well embrace you.

We’re stuck together for life. ---Love, Me. ❤️"

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