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Negative Zero:

Soldier of Light Chronicles Book 1:


Just when you thought death was the end up dead wrong.

Life was barely manageable after my mom was murdered three years ago. I wasn’t sure what my purpose was anymore. But then on my twenty-first birthday, I drank a little too much and fell from the roof of my nine-story apartment building.

I died. Then... I un-died.

Enter Hayden, my really bossy (and hot) guardian angel whose duty is to train me to be the next “Soldier of Light.”

Sound fun? Well, it’s not. I save dead people, helping them move on to the World of Light. And to make matters even worse, they are all troubled souls stuck in the Dark Realm with the devil and his army of demonic creatures. They roam my city’s streets at night, waiting for me to screw up.

The Afterlife is one of Death’s best kept secrets, and I’m living proof.  I’m pretty sure I’m the wrong person for this job, despite what Hayden thinks. Guess I’m stuck saving the dead.


Absolute Zero:

Soldier of Light Chronicles Book 2:


Saving the dead isn’t as simple as promised. It was supposed to be a standard routine…that is, until we discovered that I was the first Soldier of Light to receive visions of the souls’ worst sins. The very sins that put them in the Dark Realm with the devil. Sins that are unforgivable.
Hayden, my sexy guardian angel, tells me there are consequences if I don’t save these lost souls. But how do I save souls that have committed such despicable acts , especially when I have to live through their death in order for them to move on?
To make matters even more complicated, the devil believes he sees a darkness in me that matches his own. And to tell you the truth…I fear he may be right. Because each soul I must save makes me despise the world I’m forced to live in even more.
The only silver lining keeping me grounded is Hayden, until I come face to face with a secret he’s kept from me since the beginning.


Zero Rising:

Soldier of Light Chronicles Book 3:

Saving the souls of the damned has been my job for several years now. I’ve gotten chased by demonic creatures, fallen in love with a not-so-angelic Guardian Angel, and I’ve even danced with the devil.

Yes. You read that right. I’ve literally danced with the devil, which only stirred up more drama I didn’t need.

And to add a little more to this summary for you, (just in case you thought the chaos stopped there,) one of the biggest secrets of my life just found his way to my front doorstep. I’ve since questioned everything Hayden and the Guardian Council has ever told me.

I’m tired of rules. I’m tired of lies. I’m tired of secrets. And I’m tired of being scared. I start to push boundaries to unravel every, single lie that the Guardian Council has kept hidden for years… only to find the dark truth about my mother’s murder.

And, as if saving the dead and feeling betrayed isn’t enough, a new enemy has emerged from the Dark Realm – the only one of its kind. The Phantom has been hunting me since the day I was born. And it won’t stop hunting until it finds me.

It’s time I blaze the path as Soldier of Light my own way. No matter what the cost.

There is no turning back.

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